Greetings! with unique cards


Some of my friends who enjoy using the English language with flourish use that word. But otherwise I rarely hear it except as a qualifier for cards. This post is all about greetings – with unique art cards.

New greeting cards

Not sure about you, but I love packages, especially those that arrive by post or courier. These days packages are less likely to be delivered by the postie who seems to be “endangered”.

This week’s excitement was a neat cardboard box of cards from the printer! There was an urgent need to re-stock after lots of people bought cards during the August Open Studio weekends.

greetings! box of cards-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

But back to the postman. His workload is reducing now as we write fewer personal letters to each other. Deliveries are less frequent and what arrives is most likely to be an envelope with a window. (I received a really nasty one last week). That one definitely didn’t have S.W.A.L.K. on the flap! But hey, you could keep posties in work by sending a card every now and then. We could start a movement!

Cards are popular

Email and SMS are convenient and instant. They transmit the necessary messages almost as soon as they are composed.

So why are cards so popular? People still yearn for connection with others. Somehow cards bridge a gap. It is very rare to receive a handwritten letter in the mail, but there are quite a few cards through our letterbox during the year. Birthdays, Christmas and family events are often the occasion, but sometimes just a Hello arrives.

over the sandhill CARD PhilippaRobert AdelaideSouthAustralia

Cards can be unique

Many cards are attached to gifts or given by hand.  When a card features a reproduction of an original artwork, they are indeed unique. “Blank inside for your own message” goes without saying these days. The simpler the better. The giver’s own message adds to the uniqueness.

On Calton Hill Sample Card, PhilippaRobert AdelaideSouthAustralia

An art collection in the making

As well as having professionally printed cards in stock, during the past few years I have created my own with cards, linings and photographic prints of my paintings. These have proven popular and some purchasers say that they frame these cards. Some of my nearest and dearest have started a little art collection in this way. A very affordable way to start!

I heard another whisper that people replace the inner lining so these cards are re-usable! Endless sharing. I love that idea.

Greetings! Harold's view, Philippa Robert Adelaide South Australia

I am considering adding these to my on-line portfolio in the new year.


Here are a few. What do you think?