Hedges – oil painting

painting clinics-2016-hedge-study1-oil-painting-philippa-robert-adelaide-south-australia


I love hedges. I love their secrets as much as the hedges themselves. What hides behind a hedge? Who planned and planted it? Who lives there?

For many years a friend and I have painted together, sometimes in her studio, sometimes in mine. This friend (I will call her M) has a huge hedge comprised of a variety of shrubs. It has always fascinated me. We have often looked at it and discussed how we would paint it but other subject matter was more urgent. Until recently.

M is kind and has been teaching me all about oil painting over the past few months. One challenge leads to another. It is hedge time!

Hedge (four greens) – early draft

Oil painting is placing particular demands upon me. One of those is the need to be patient. If this became my preferred medium I would need at least four or five paintings on the go to cope with this amount of drying time.

The real hedge

You can probably see why the hedge fascinated me. You might also understand why after a week’s break I was unable to remember which way up my painting was meant to be! What an admission. Persistence as well as patience are required.


Yes, the canvas has been turned through 180 degrees. Call it artistic license if you wish, but it was actually a bit of confusion. The line is fine between hedges and mazes I suspect!

There has been a bit of a garden theme going on around here recently. Spring is to blame. That season that bounces around without clear direction for some months until the searing summer sets in. The weather has been kind to gardens with its mixture of rain and sun until just recently, when rain, hail, flooding and blackouts intervened.

Now is probably the busiest time for gardeners and who knows what sort of attention hedges require as the days warm up. If I can judge by my neighbours’ behaviour last week, it is time for a pruning.

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