Small outdoor landscapes on sale

outdoor painting-philippa Robert-whitewater bridge-2017

Small outdoor landscapes to love are in the spotlight for you until mid-July. They offer little patches of colour and light to make your space sparkle. Have you seen these glimpses of Adelaide and summer-time in England?

My home “curator” has hung a line of them on our salon-hung living room wall and they look really dense and lively with colour and contrasts.

Small outdoor landscapes-Outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-whitewater bridge-2017-framed

This one “Whitewater Hotel, Newby Bridge” is one of my favourites. The dark tones are in ultramarine and prussian blues which I still feel drawn to. I was inspired by the lovely contrast between the local whitewashed buildings and the greenery.

It is neat and petite, 12.5×17.5cm without the frame but really packs a punch. Full-priced at $150, Whitewater Hotel, Newby Bridge is on sale now for 10% off – just $135.

To paint this work I stood on a footpath near the bridge edged with the dry-stone wall. The road was quite busy at the time as people were off to work on this early summer morning. I met the breakfast chef as he arrived cheerfully for duty (on foot). After a couple of hours work I returned to our cottage for a breakfast cooked by Martin, our host and chef. What a nice start to the day before our cruise on Lake Windermere.

Have you visited the Lakes District?

The Studio – Open for business

Harton Hedge-outdoor painting-streetscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Open for business again! Yes, it has been a workplace, but we have had only a few visitors over the past few months.
And I think you know what that means. Stuff has built up. Surfaces – well, where are they? Buried or smothered. Dust has collected in the corners.
Now the TO-DO list has become TA-DA! Lots of crossing out with a flourish of the pen. And here’s why….

Open Studio

open for business-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Once again I am teaming up with my daughter Jane White to bring you lots of gift ideas at very reasonable prices. You will find plenty of variety, with tiny landscape paintings, stone and string jewellery, calendars, candles and cards on display.

Outdoor paintings

The little landscapes I will be showing are all from outdoor excursions, some of which took place in the United Kingdom earlier this year. Here is a peek at one.

Harton Hedge-open for business-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia
Harton Hedge, acrylic on canvas panel.(12x17cm approx)

We invite you to drop in for a browse and a chat. Check out the facebook page for the address. Otherwise you can send me a message via my contact page. This is a busy time of year already, but if you can make it Jane and I would be delighted to welcome you. The weather should be cooler by the weekend too.

Surprises: painting in a foreign land

Surprises! Don’t you love them?

Here is a story behind a recent outing.

This painting was created outdoors in South Shields in the north east of England.

Language difficulties

This is in the heart of Geordie territory. In other words, it is very difficult to understand what the locals are saying!

On this particular day, quite a few people nodded or stopped for a brief chat. One expressed surprise (I think he said) “I never expected to find Leonardo da Vinci at the Nook.” Neither did anyone really, but any artist is a rare sight in public in these parts. In previous years I had been cautioned about painting in public because of fears for my safety. But the natives are friendly, if a little non-plussed.

July landscapes-the Nook-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

South Street, South Shields. Acrylic on canvas panel, 10x15cm

Surprise #1

My position was just opposite the pub which was once called The Nook and I was approached by one of a group of pub-goers outside for a smoke. He had realised I was painting, and suggested I talk to Charlotte, the landlady of the pub about a commission. He stood guard over my equipment while I went inside. We didn’t discuss deals, but it was a chance to meet more of the local characters. People usually have a contact or family member who is an artist and this fellow was no exception. His connection was an artist I had met in Shields years ago through my husband’s family. Smallish world this.

Surprise #2

Another surprise emerged from my outing that day. One of my visitors was a woman, herself an outdoor painter, who invited me to attend her evening group of painters in a pub about an hour away by public transport and shanks’s pony. I went with her two weeks later and it was a great night of painting with people who felt like old friends. I felt so privileged and lucky! A wonderful world this.

Weather turned all English on us before many days had passed and rain stopped play for quite a week or so.

On this month, I have plenty of landscapes to show. More soon!

July Landscapes 2017

July Landscapes is this year’s look at what’s been happening out there while painting other subjects. Seascapes are really landscapes, but for my own head-sorting purposes I separate them!

Jetty Road, Brighton

On the home front I have been working on a series of small landscapes around Brighton. And I mean small. Tiny might describe them better – 10x15cm (4×6″).

These paintings are developing from some days out on Jetty Road, They really are “days out” because some of my favourite cafes and cafe owners are there. It is a chance to sip delicious cups of coffee and sample some snacks. One day I even stayed out long enough for beer o’clock with friends! Anyway, it has been fun so far.

landscapes July 2017-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-coffee time
coffee time

I am losing my ‘fear’ of red!

landscapes July-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-cafe canopy
cafe canopy

I have almost finished another painting from this second spot, looking towards the jetty. Here it is in customary blues!

July landscapes-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-arch of remembrance Brighton
Arch of Remembrance, Brighton (work in progress)

These are all oil paintings. Oils have given me more freedom with colour and allowed me to try out some new things. There will be more to come!

Have you tried oils outdoors? And found freedom?