Outdoor painting in autumn

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Autumn in Adelaide – perfect for outdoor painting.

Outdoor painting seemed such a luxury in March. A month passed while I was at the desk. But autumn is still with us. Fine with a chance of showers, for some. Fine with a chance of painting for me.

I have been going along to the Fresh Air Friday sessions during March but have missed my solo painting. On Tuesday I walked in search of a favourite pathway to the beach. It had been pruned back on one side and was unrecognisable. When I backtracked to find it, I met an unknown walker who remembered me as “the lady who paints”. What a nice thing to happen!

The council recently announced plans to trim all the growth beside the footpath to two metres, so time was running out for this spot. It looked as though they were half-way through the job here.

he beach pathway


There were lots of walkers on the main footpath but It wasn’t a popular day for the beach so I wasn’t disturbed. A small dog “used” the wheels of my trolley but I did some rinsing at the tap on the way home.


My outdoor kit
I am still perfecting the art of keeping sand out of the tripod legs – it is still quite new.
My older metal easel actually got a bit gritty in the legs, but for $35 it did well for years.
Any suggestions would be welcome! Next perhaps I will try little plastic pots.



Here is the painting blocked-in, before the I added the colour. I can see now, by lamplight that there was already a problem with the dark tone of the background row of bushes.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of the painting just before I packed up, but it was almost finished. You will just have to go with this big leap of changes!


The studio adjustment was to brighten the sky and add the clouds.  Remember those background bushes? This softened profile helps keep them in the distance.

It was a really good way to spend a morning! Offline. See you out there soon.