Blogging history. Looking at SeascapesAus.

Do you have a blogging history? I would love to know if you do.

Blogging is a world of ups and downs, of flow and block, but overall one demanding great commitment. There have been times when I have “gone dark” while travelling, times when I have sparkled and when I haven’t.

It is five years last February since I launched my first blog at SeascapesAus. Over those years quite a bit of momentum built up. There were lots of conversations and exchanges in a fascinating and diverse community.

The themes of that blog and this one have a slightly different emphasis.

blogging history-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Aloes, Lockleys
Aloes, Lockley; 2009. In private collection.

SeascapesAus was about art in general, exhibitions and painters I admire, with some painting demonstrations and background stories.

At the focus is directly on my work and my processes as an artist.

Over the next month or two I’m going to share a few earlier posts just for fun. I hope you will enjoy them!

blogging history-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

You may even jump for joy like these fellows.

May Focus: seascapes. Snap up your discount!

testimonials-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Commission And M makes three

This month the focus will be on seascapes. If you saw my earlier message, you will know that “focus” means special offers. Summer is over, but its spirit has been hovering with many warm days and clear skies in the autumn. The welcome mat at the beach can get a bit soggy and wind-blown from now on, so it seems a good time to have a clearance sale. Hence the May focus on seascapes.

I predict that there will be more landscapes in the coming months. So the website will have a bit of a re-vamp as well in June or July. Something for me to slave over during the winter.

In the meantime, here is today’s first highlight:

May focus-seascapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Commission And M makes three

It was a commission for a wedding present – “And Maisie makes three”

A large painting, this one gave me a chance to play with colour. And play I did! The colourful cliffs and paddocks made a lively counterpoint to the turquoise and greens of the sea.

Of course, that one is not for sale, but this one is:

May focus-seascapes-2017-27-outdoor painting-seascapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-beside the dunes v2
Sunshine on dunes; 25x30cm; oil on linen panel, framed; discounted price $415 (or $394 for subscribers) until May 21st.

Were you surprised by last week’s weather? I was. Sunshine and “free” time haven’t happened together for a long time, so I grabbed the opportunity when it arose! Thursday was perfect for painting the cafes on Jetty Road Brighton. On Friday morning, although I had packed the car ready for painting in the Adelaide Hills, it was getting too late to make the journey worthwhile. The Esplanade was an attractive and easy option. And more of the May focus: seascapes!

may focus-2016-1-seascapes-AdelaideSouthAustralia-PhilippaRobert-Wintry day in summer
Wintry day in summer; acrylic on linen panel; 25x30cm; $415 (or $395 for subscribers) until 21st May

I am saving my new small paintings for a book. More news about that later! Enjoy the last of autumn.

Snap up a bargain! If you buy one for your Mum I will add a little something for you. Two gifts in one. But be quick. Sale ends on 21st May.


Painting Update


A quick update on the Piccadilly Valley painting.

A rainy morning was forecast last Friday. The drive into the hills, the soft ground, the rain… My imagination got the better of me in the wrong way.

But, the payoff was studio time! It has been ages. Perhaps I really needed that. Another session on the Piccadilly Valley painting. Without being there. There is risk in that, but I was prepared to take it.

It was all about the foreground. I wanted to balance the strong form on the right. Some work yielded this:


Next step, watch and wait.

In the meantime, plenty to do. I spent the next few hours photographing work and considering my next book.

The watch and wait? I can see clearly now, 48 hours later that there is still more to do.


Piccadilly Valley, Autumn. 25x30cm, acrylic on stretched canvas.

The photo is taken by my phone (and me), so not 100% accurate. But it will give you the general idea. More watch and wait, but it feels finished to me now. Another session at Piccadilly this week. What shall I do this time?


Piccadilly Valley, One Tree Hill Road


I posted about Piccadilly Valley earlier this week. My previous sessions there were about three years ago. The vines were just starting to turn to yellow. Here is the painting, which sold soon afterwards.

Piccadilly Valley

While I was searching through some images this one turned up. I was struck by the similarity to the one above.
One Tree Hill Road

The light, the colour and the mood of the two paintings are quite dissimilar, but it is strange how the compositions mirror each other.

We are not exactly blessed with high mountains in this part of South Australia. Perhaps these two paintings are an outcome of that reality. It looks as though I am drawn to hillsides.