Who wants to run “Over the sandhill”?

Over the sandhill-with artist at HBCC-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Sept 2017

Over the sandhill

During my recent showing at Cafe Lune, I met with the Arts and Cultural Coordinator for the local Council. One of the ideas discussed related to this painting, Over the sandhill.

over the sandhill-seascapes-AdelaideSouthAustralia-PhilippaRobert-Over the sandhill
60x90cm, acrylic on canvas, $1435

It is a happy reminder of those warm days which promise plenty of swims, sandy toes and skin tingling with the sunshine. The light is brighter, people are wearing light and bright colours and the sea shimmers in the distance. What a day it is!

My other feeling about this painting answers the very first question in the headline. The children want to run – and most often do. They disappear down over the hill to the beach while the parents follow more slowly. And you can see why they trudge – they carry the lunch and the beach toys! A different story on the way home. The parents still trudge but the children are weary and reluctant. Certainly not running back to the car, unless the sand is hot.

A new temporary home

Thank you to the Holdfast Bay City Council for this opportunity to share my vision of summer beach-goers with a new audience.

Over the sandhill-with artist at HBCC-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Sept 2017

Over the sandhill will hang in the foyer of the HBCC Offices on Jetty Road Brighton until mid-November. See it in person there or here online. Available for purchase through the website!

PS Thanks to my new friend at the HBCC who helped with the photography.


Seascapes Celebration Sale this month of May

Seascapes Celebration Sale

It’s time for a Seascapes Celebration Sale !
Autumn is almost over and winter is on its way. I love the changes of season and am marking this with a Celebration Sale.
Here it is – special discounts on my three sizes of small seascapes.

(Sounds of cheering)

Seascapes celebration-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South AustraliaSeascapes celebration-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

For you, small seascapes will be reduced by 15%.
Here are some examples of the three different sizes with the mark-down.

seascapes celebration-Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia-playing in the shallows

Playing in the shallows; acrylic on linen panel
20x25cm; was $340, now $290 until 21/05/17

And another one:

seascapes celebration-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-South Australia-beach profile 2

Beach profile – after the storm; acrylic on linen panel
25x30cm; was $490, now $415 until 21/05/17

And the third size:

seascapes celebration-wave paintings-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Cascading FRAMED

Cascading; acrylic on linen panel
30x30cm; was $540, now $460 until 21/05/17.

They are all framed and ready to hang.

It feels as if summer has well and truly left us now. Often during winter I focus more on landscapes. We will see…

In the meantime, let’s clear the decks a bit! I am sure you want to help.

seascapes cebration sale-PhilippaRobert-AdelaideSouthAustralia-15%OFF

And, if you would like to become a subscriber, you will have access to 20% discount until 21st May.
That means you would pay $275, $394 or $437 on these sizes respectively. Massive reductions for these beautiful paintings.

What am I doing? Really, making some space for the next body of work, rather than build an attic. That is beyond me.

Dive in! Help me celebrate. Free shipping within Australia. Overseas shipping requires $50 surcharge unless you require insurance which is extra.



Sunny spots, River Torrens


Today I will share with you another exerpt from my new book “Landscapes – Paintings by Philippa Robert”

I am presenting you with a special offer related to the book in this blog post. If you read all the way to the end you will find it!

Sunny spots, River Torrens

Sunny spots, River Torrens was painted just on the city side of the Seaview Road bridge over the Torrens at Henley Beach. The day was dull but there were occasional glimpses of bright sunlight through the clouds and it was these elusive moments I set out to capture.

My underpainting was done in a rich reddish purple which was an exciting start and gave the greens extra life. As the painting proceeded however, most of this purple was covered and the most exciting colour element became the glowing red earth against the green and the lime-yellow grass in the sunlight. The grey colour of the river under such a grey sky made another pale purplish contrast to the greens.

I couldn’t paint this scene without adding the horses. They are quite characteristic of this part of the Torrens and add a reference point for the scale of the river and trees.

The painting was started outdoors at Henley Beach but as I had only one session there, it was finished in the studio. The work came a long way from its wild purple beginning, but I feel it managed to maintain the freshness and immediacy of its outdoor origin.

The new book is available through this LINK.

But listen up! Here’s an insider’s tip. In August I am offering a special price to newsletter subscribers.
You can easily become a subscriber if you are not already. Just use one of the sign-up forms on my website.
Do that and be in the know for future offers as well!




2012-landscapes-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Urrbrae House
Urrbrae House; 20x20cm
Bed of Roses, Mitcham. (30x30cm)

2014-landscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Cypresses Mitcham

Cypresses, Mitcham; 20x25cm (private collection)

Places for contemplation can feel like havens in this busy world. They are places where we can be alone with our thoughts and sometimes our particular memories.

We need them, but are often too busy to seek them out. For me any natural surroundings like the beach or bushland can put me into a contemplative mood. Even while I am painting there is a level of my mind which is switched off. I suppose that is more meditative. I certainly don’t solve any life problems but I can leave them behind for a bit.

Cemeteries are strange places, and while they don’t always feel welcoming perhaps it is in the mind of the visitor. Unless it is a painting excursion, my reason for being there is usually a funeral. That is a time for contemplation of course and if there is time to wander around known spots afterwards, all the better.

Gardens and cemeteries often go together, thank goodness. As you can see in two of these paintings at Mitcham Cemetery in Adelaide, two different sections can lie within the boundaries. One work is an exercise in rhythms, while the other has a gentler feel with greenery and sunlight.

Two of these paintings and their stories are in my new book – Landscapes. Recent work by Philippa Robert.

I am convinced that art books can put people in a contemplative mood. Give it a try!