Open Garden – art experiment Part 2

The art experiment

More news here on that faltering experiment in early September. After the very rainy Saturday, we weren’t up quite as early the next day, but the forecast was heartening enough to proceed with Plan A-2.

Method – continued

Packing, unpacking; hillside hauling, hooks and wire, cord and carabiniers. It was a medley of improvisation but we did it!

Here are some installation images.

Eucalypts, North Adelaide & Greeting the Day, Railton


Shallows, with a surfboard
Shallows & Men at Play

It was a lovely sunny day to spend in those beautiful surroundings. The garden was set out over many levels. There were two main areas for “crowds” but the special appeal lay in the tiny seating areas in hidden places.

Two other artists were exhibiting and the artworks added another dimension. There was live music from a baby grand as well as an acoustic guitar combo. Local cheeses, wine, home-made icecream and cake were enjoyed by the visitors (and me). Lovely doesn’t really cover it.

The art experiment – Results & Discussion

I met lots of people as they lingered in the Open Garden. They were keen gardeners and garden-lovers but many showed interest in the paintings. My work looked interesting among the plants and filled the spaces with surprises. But somehow with their mixed beach and gardens theme they had a diluted impact. I think Shoreline Stretch among the greenery shown in my last post was perhaps the most successful with its green echoes.

LookingGlass Open Garden, Marino - art experiment


Overall the Open Garden was not quite the right fit as a market for my paintings. If there is another opportunity I might paint or draw on the spot. Perhaps some plant studies in ink and wash. They would be very affordable for casual visitors and be directly related to the theme.

That’s a recipe for a hard day’s work but in those surroundings it would also be quite a treat.