Open for art business – info on classes

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Dear readers, We are open for art business again!

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Everyone has an IT story to tell. Such stories usually include wringing of hands and rolling of eyes from audience and narrator alike. I am not going to tell mine, except that it ended well. Now you can see the padlock icon next to the site address.

With winter off the calendar (despite some lingering sky signs) it is time to pick things up again.

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During the down-time my leaflets about CLASSES were impossible to follow-up via the website. Here’s a second chance! Click on that CLASSES button above for more information.

I apologise if you tried to do this last week. Then again if you did try, you probably would have abandoned me and not be reading this. But I won’t go down that rabbit hole. Here we are again.

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In the meantime, my seascapes are still hanging at Cafe Lune. Just a little under a week to go. Cards and books available too. Drop in if you can!

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Art tuition: Composing your Painting – spaces available

Composing your painting-art tuition-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Composing your Painting (aka Basic Beginnings)

Hey! Did you know? There are still a couple of spaces available in Composing your Painting, running in February!

If you feel some confusion about the title of the course, that is understandable!
Since its launch, I have suspected that its original name implied Novices Only. But it is more inclusive than that. If you are an absolute beginner it would be a good place to start. But if you have tried painting, or even attended some classes in the past, this short-term tuition could give you a boost.

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Course content

These sessions will give a basic understanding of composition.
We will examine the ways that Form, Tone and Colour contribute.

Composing your painting-art tuition-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

My belief is that these three elements underpin the structure of a painting and that decisions about them determine the “success” of the final product.
Paintings CAN be composed differently, but this approach provides some criteria for creating your painting and analysing it as you go along.

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Just a note here about Colour. That is a huge subject on its own but we will tackle it from the angle of colour temperature to simplify it for this context and for me!

Course format

My classes are in-person and in the studio. Classes are very small to allow for lots of individual attention. For “Composing Your Painting” there are a maximum of three participants.
There are three sessions of three hours each in this course, all held in my studio in Brighton, South Australia.


The total fee for this course is $100 (or $90 for subscribers).
The fee includes materials. More details here.

Class Dates

THURSDAYS February 9th, 16th and 23rd.


Art tuition – Transition to Outdoors – enrolment time!

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Transition to Outdoors

outdoor painting-acrylicPaintingClassesPhilippa Outdoors3
On location, Hyde Park SA

Art tuition

Transition to Outdoors is this month’s exciting release! It is a class I have been planning for some time so it is great to see it come into being at last.

This will be a very short burst of tuition with one simple aim. That is to provide you with the confidence to leap into the great outdoors, with your art gear.

The class runs for two sessions which are scheduled a week apart. There will be an opportunity for a later review session if participants require one.

transition to outdoors-art tuition-Philippa Robert Adelaide South Australia-outdoor painting
Philippa Robert, beach painting

Course format

My classes are in person and are small groups only. For Transition to Outdoors (T2O) we hold the first session in the studio and the second “on location” outdoors.

Course content

The first session will be discussion and demonstration.
We will discuss

  • your experience level
  • equipment you need
  • adapting the kit you have
  • the basics of working quickly
Transition to Outdoors-art tuition-Philippa Robert Adelaide South Australia-outdoor setup-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia
outdoor set-up

For the second session we will meet at an agreed location and PAINT. You will receive one-to-one tuition during the three-hour session. If the forecast weather is 30 degrees or more we will need to alter the date of the second session, or retreat to a sheltered spot.


The total fee for these two lessons is $55


Mondays February 27th and March 6th.


Learn something new this year. Push the boundaries a bit!

learn something new-Philippa Robert- Adel;aide South Australia-Basic Beginnings studio classes

Learn, shape, grow, reboot, refresh.

Would you like to learn something new this year? Or would you like to develop some skills you already have? We hear a lot about new directions at the start of a New Year. Often less than 24 hours after the “Happy New Year” bit. Perhaps it is built in with the idea of Resolutions! (Oh dear). But in a way a new year does offer an opportunity for new starts. It can be a turning point.
And for YOU?

learn something new-Philippa Robert- Adel;aide South Australia-Basic Beginnings studio classes


Art tuition

Art tuition can come in many forms. Long streams, terms, short bursts, on-line or in person.

At present, my classes are formatted as short bursts. They are all in person (to date) and because of the size of my studio, they are small. That allows lots of opportunity for individual attention.

My 2017 art classes start early next month.
Fees for Basic Beginnings this year are $100 (total) for 3 sessions of 3 hours each. They will only run occasionally, probably only twice this year. So jump in NOW if you are interested!

learn something new-small-wave-painting-blank-canvas-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Basic Beginnings – February 9th, 16th, 23rd; Thursday mornings 9.30-12.30

This is a look at three basic elements of painting, from a slightly different starting point.

We will work with shape, tone and colour temperature and use these elements to build a painting from a picture of your choice. These three are all crucial in composition and while learning about them one by one, we will integrate them into a final work.

You will be able to use your understanding developed in these classes to help you create more paintings on your own. Your knowledge will also assist you to “critique” your own work. These are not the only things you need to learn about painting of course but I believe they form a good foundation on which to build. I aim to keep it interesting and helpful and see you inspired and launched into painting!

In other words, you can take these lessons as a really helpful Basic Beginning.


The classes to follow the Basic Beginnings sessions will be Transition to Outdoors. More about T2O next time!