Outdoor painting 2017 – how will landscapes fit?

Outdoor painting 2017-landscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-St Peter's Cathedral Adelaide

Outdoor painting 2017.

Is it different this year?


Outdoor painting competes with studio & online time, teaching, sales & promotion, daily life, family life. Just like any work role, but addictive!

Outdoor painting 2017-Philippa Robert Adelaide South Australia-outdoor setup-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Seascapes or Landscapes

Sometimes there is a competition between these two. They seem to vie for attention and time.

In January I simplified the website to show seascapes. But landscapes are on the easel as well. I am continuing to paint with the Fresh Air Friday group which is mostly land- rather than sea-based.

So where do the landscapes fit?

In a special feature every now and then I think. And

A new book

To follow “South Australian Seascapes” and “Landscapes. Recent works by Philippa Robert“, I am planning a book of paintings depicting Adelaide and its suburbs.

Today I completed a small painting of St Peter’s Cathedral from Brougham Gardens, North Adelaide. Very Adelaide!

Outdoor painting 2017-landscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-St Peter's Cathedral Adelaide
St Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide (25x20cm) $340 shipped and framed

It will be the first entry for the Adelaide book. After all, it was known as the city of churches.

There are plenty more to paint and other subjects too. I can’t wait.




November Open Studio – preparing for Christmas!

November Open Studio-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Austrralia

November Open Studio. Have you heard about it?

Your answer is probably “yes” if you have been around this patch during the last few weeks. You can guess I am excited about inviting you in again! The gates will open over the last weekend of this month, 26th and 27th November 2016, 1-5pm both days.

The last Open Studio was back in August and lasted for a month of Sundays (and Saturdays). This time the opens will be just two in a row on a single weekend. So you will need to be quick!

This time my special guest will be Jane. She will be presenting a beautiful array of her handmade jewellery and soy candles. Jane creates her pieces mostly from natural materials. They include art for your home as well as wearable items.

November Open Studio-Jane White jewellery

Along with books, calendars and cards we think we have solved all your gift problems!

And did I mention the wave paintings? They will be there in a range of sizes at massive discounts.

November Open Studio-wave paintings-seascapes-Philippa Robert-backstairs-passage-early-crossing
Backstairs Passage, early crossing (60x90cm). Available until 27/11/16 for $633
November Open Studio 2015-17-seascapes-wave paintings-Adelaides South Australia-Philippa Robert-Building Swell
Building swell (50x75cm). Available until 27/11/16 for $548.

The weather forecast for this weekend promises warmth in the mid-20s, but being Spring, there may be some wind. That will affect how much we can use the outdoor area for easels, but you never know! The element of surprise adds to the excitement, hopefully not the panic.