Saturday Afternoon Tea with Art – is it for you?

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Afternoon tea with art

Do you harbour a love for afternoon tea? What about afternoon tea with art?

We are offering just that on March 18th.

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A convivial afternoon!


Coffee and tea to start, followed by the creative session. If you uttered a silent “Eek” or felt one, don’t let it sink in. This will be a session that allows you to create a really beautiful “arty” piece of work. Think rollers and big brushes, some cutting tools and glue.

From a flamboyant beginning with large brushes, followed up by a sponge roller or a marker pen you will be able to create tiny mosaics to reassemble on your card. Easy! No sweat or tears.
The end product will be a small journal cover or a greeting card, or one of each if shapes and sizes allow.

All the materials will be supplied, including small journals and plain greeting cards.

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the tool kit

While paint and glue are drying, it will be time for coffee, tea and cake!

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too late to share this one!

A lot in two and a half hours and a calming sea view to go with it. $25 per person.

Spaces at the table

At present there are three spaces available, so if you would like to come and bring a friend (or two) that will be ideal. A pleasant Saturday afternoon awaits !
SATURDAY 18th MARCH, 2-4.30pm,