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On location, Hyde Park SA

Art tuition

Transition to Outdoors is this month’s exciting release! It is a class I have been planning for some time so it is great to see it come into being at last.

This will be a very short burst of tuition with one simple aim. That is to provide you with the confidence to leap into the great outdoors, with your art gear.

The class runs for two sessions which are scheduled a week apart. There will be an opportunity for a later review session if participants require one.

transition to outdoors-art tuition-Philippa Robert Adelaide South Australia-outdoor painting
Philippa Robert, beach painting

Course format

My classes are in person and are small groups only. For Transition to Outdoors (T2O) we hold the first session in the studio and the second “on location” outdoors.

Course content

The first session will be discussion and demonstration.
We will discuss

  • your experience level
  • equipment you need
  • adapting the kit you have
  • the basics of working quickly
Transition to Outdoors-art tuition-Philippa Robert Adelaide South Australia-outdoor setup-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia
outdoor set-up

For the second session we will meet at an agreed location and PAINT. You will receive one-to-one tuition during the three-hour session. If the forecast weather is 30 degrees or more we will need to alter the date of the second session, or retreat to a sheltered spot.


The total fee for these two lessons is $55


Mondays February 27th and March 6th.


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