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Art Classes are what most people have asked me about over the past few years. When I am painting outdoors and people stop to chat they often ask that question.

At last I have decided to respond in the positive!

Because of the different levels of experience among interested people, I have planned a three-tiered approach to the art classes. There is definitely no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” any more. That maxim made shopping easy in its day when we all wore baggy clothes. Thank goodness things have changed.

Find your creative self!

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Art classes

At this stage all classes will be in person. They will be studio or studio-and-outdoor based. Numbers will be limited by my studio space. Apart from Arty Arvo Teas there will be just 3 students per class. That means there are plenty of opportunities for individual attention.

Overall, my most important aim is to untie the fears or doubts that hold a lot of aspiring artists back. Let’s kiss those doubts goodbye!

Basic Beginnings

This will be a look at three basic elements of painting, from a slightly different starting point. We will work with shape, tone and colour temperature and use these elements to build a painting. They are all crucial in composition and while dealing with them one by one is artificial, we will aim to integrate them into a final work. These are not the total answer to an artist’s needs, but good things to know about as a foundation for painting. There are many teachers and many ways to approach art teaching. Three sessions allow a fairly brief look at the topic, so it will not be all-inclusive. I aim to keep it interesting and helpful and see you inspired and launched into painting!
Three sessions of 3 hours each, $90 total fee; 3 participants per class.

Transition to Outdoors

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This class will take painters with some experience from studio to outdoor work.
There will be two sessions. The first will be establishing a starting point and discussing outdoor essentials. That will be studio-based and last one and a half hours. The second session will be 3 hours outdoors at a convenient location. Fee is $45 total for the 2 sessions.

Arty Arvo Teas

Art classes-Arty Arvo Teas-PhilippaRobert-Adelaide South Australia
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Delicious and simple! These are one-off sessions for groups of four people who would like to try an art technique, make a take-home product AND enjoy a slice of cake with coffee or tea.

In response to questions I must clarify that I will make and provide the cake. Your task will be to make an art piece and enjoy yourself! No cooking required on your part. Special dietary requirements will be considered. With advance notice I will do my best! And, the actual cake may not look like the cake in the advertising pictures, but I will try for tantalising.
Fee: $25 for the 2.5 hour session.

My planned starting dates for all classes will be mid-September. I am expecting to hold classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays but other days are negotiable if required. Arty Arvo Teas may fit a weekend timeslot.

Painting clinics

If there is enough interest expressed I am keen to start occasional painting clinics. These will be small group sessions for participants to bring their unfinished or ‘problem’ works in for discussion and suggestions. You can work with me if you need after that or simply take the painting away to fix. This is a flexible concept at the moment.

Please contact me on for more information or to register your interest. I am based in South Brighton, South Australia.

3 thoughts on “Art Classes, acrylics. Join me!

  1. Karen Dignam says:

    Hi Phillippa
    When will you be holding your BB classes and where are you please?
    Cheers Karen

  2. Philippa Robert says:

    Hi Karen, Brighton SA. My next Basic Beginnings classes start on February 9th. Would you like to join in?

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