A slice of ocean

The April wave painting is “A slice of ocean”. This work is unusual in that it is quite small (20x25cm).

April-wave painting-seascapes-Philippa Robert- Adelaide South Australia-A slice of ocean

Inspired by a ferry’s wake, this slice depicts the curve of two wake waves. The turmoil of the water close to the ferry is contrasted with the lines of wake as they stretch and diminish.

The colours out in the deep are so different to the sandy creams and icy aqua close to the shore. The same salt water but what a difference! It may sound too obvious but these are my visual thrills – on the shore or in the deep. An admission here: in the deep means for me safely on board a vessel. I too have fears!  

April wave painting-seascapes-Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
A slice of ocean; (20x25cm) SOLD

This painting has had two lives. It was exhibited in Sydney in 2015. When it returned home to Adelaide after its outing, I could see two eyes looking back at me from its shapes. Once you see that, there is no going back. It is a bit like finding the crone or the damsel in the tests of visual perception. So difficult to find the alternative.

A rework improved it all round and took out the glaring eyes. In its new form it became a 40th birthday present. Double success !

The other good news is that even though this one has sold, there are more small seascapes here.

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