Here is another wave painting to dream on or think about. It has been a while since we have looked back at the 2017 calendar. Or should that be “forward”?

This is the image for July – “Rocky break” 2.

another wave painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

A visit to Petrel Cove, just west of the Bluff at Victor Harbor inspired this work. It was a winter day with bright sunshine. The waves were crashing in on the very dark rocks, as they do in those parts. It is a beach with a terrible reputation for drownings. The undertow, rips and rocks don’t add up to safety. However, it is a spectacular sight and sound display when the waves and rocks meet. And meet again. And again.

Lots of photographs and a few weeks later I tackled the subject. The urgency and excitement were still evident in the series of images and it was difficult to narrow down the choices. Three paintings emerged from the swirl.

another wave painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-rocky break

“Rocky Break” was donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society for auction in Brisbane and was purchased! I happen to know it is in very good hands in a seaside location up there.


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