A painter’s tales – where are they now? Over the past decade collectors and studio visitors have enjoyed the stories that used to accompany every painting I sold. My writing eased off when I had a big show of mostly outdoor paintings a few years ago. Pressure was on painting and framing rather than writing in the lead-up to the exhibition. There were 35 works in all and 25 of them were small outdoor works.


Since the revamp of this website and its launch on April 1st there have been a few versions of my slogan and logo. I think the latest one says it all.

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The need for an artist to be a writer was my theme a few weeks ago when I introduced my book of South Australian Seascapes. I have decided to bring back the writing!

There is a train of thought that a painting should be sufficient in itself to convey a message. Some artists say they shouldn’t need to discuss their work. I disagree. I am a great believer in filling in the gaps. Ironic perhaps when my paintings are mostly realistic. There are always interesting stories about the creation, the circumstances or choices, the people or animals involved as extras.

Here’s a quick snippet from the book.


Wait for ME!
This little painting tells a family story, a common one I suspect. The big sister gets tired of being big sister and forges ahead, driven by her excitement about being at the beach. The cry of the little brother was imagined of course as I painted the duo. The reds lead into the picture. It is easy to imagine the trek across the warm sand with little brother lagging even further behind.

How about you? Do you believe it is important to tell a story with words as well as paint? Let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “A painter’s tales

  1. Helen says:

    this is very exciting Philippa. The site looks fresh and inviting, and your voice is clear and familiar.
    I write and write and sometimes with much less bravado play with my art tools, on a small scale these days.
    So, bravo to you for really putting it all out there.

  2. Philippa Robert says:

    Thank you Helen. I am glad to hear you recognise me in the new setting. Now you have an identity out here, what about putting some of your writing into WordPress form? It is heart-in-mouth at first, but the friendships are encouraging – just as you are to me! You and only you decide whether to hit “Publish” or not. Thanks again for looking in and commenting! Tres bien! Philippa

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