Photography in art

Photography has been a recording tool for ages.
Artists like Bonnard (19thC) have loved the medium and well before that Durer and possibly Leonardo used camera prototypes as an aid in painting and drawing.
That’s how I use it.
Art school education taught that using photography was a no-no. Certainly working from life for a portrait or landscape gives things a kick along but it need not end there. I almost always use my own photos as a reference in my painting.
David Hockney often says that art involves the heart the hand and the eye.
Yes! For me the heart is in the initial wow of the inspiration, the hand is in the work of painting and the eye is in the vision and filtering.
These 2 pictures illustrate the difference between my photo-record and the first stage of the painting.

seascapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Stormwater Hove

I have tackled this painting again recently as you can guess from the third image.
Last winter was stormy and the sea was often stirred and brown. Somehow this painting asked for a colour change. I think I have opened up more issues, but I am glad to have made changes to the mauves and browns in the foreground. It doesn’t capture the light as well, but more work will bring it back.

Perhaps time to look back at the photograph!

What do you think?