These Terms and Conditions provide information for purchasers of Art and Art Products through the website www.philipparobert.com.


This website (philipparobert.com) offers PAINTINGS and ART PRODUCTS for sale within Australia. Currently not selling to overseas countries.

The PAINTINGS are created with acrylic and oil paints. Dimensions range from 15cm square panels to stretched canvases with a maximum dimension of up to 120cm. A gloss medium protects the surface and makes it possible to clean lightly with a soft damp cloth. The paintings are not behind glass. They are all supplied ready to hang.

The larger paintings generally have a dimension of more than 30cm. These are on canvas, stretched on wooden support frames and are un-framed. They all have the canvas sides painted in a neutral colour and are supplied ready to hang.

Only one larger painting is framed: North Sea 1. It is framed in a soft gold, flat profile wooden frame as shown below. This painting is 60x120cm.

2015-seascapes-PhilippaRobert-AdelaideSouthAustralia-NorthSea1-insitu (80

Smaller paintings, with the largest dimension of 30cm are mostly on linen or canvas-covered panels and are framed. The frame can be your choice of two styles and three colours (see below).

Please note:  SOME smaller paintings are on canvas stretched on wooden support frames and are un-framed. This will be in their product description. As for the larger paintings, their sides are painted in a neutral grey and they are ready to hang.

Because it is slim in profile, this style suits works with dimensions of 30cm or less. The painting below is 25x20cm. The frame increases the outside dimensions by about 1cm all round. This is “Village church, Alsace”.


This frame is available in Black, White or Blonde-wood. It is 3cm in its front profile and increases the overall size of the painting by 2.5cm on each side.

PlayingTheShallows BLACK

PlayingInTheShallows WHITE

PlayingInTheShallows BLONDE
“Playing in the shallows” (15x20cm); acrylic on linen panel

ART PRODUCTS are paper-based products and other small items such as art books, calendars and greeting cards.


All transactions for items on this site are conducted using PayPal. No credit card or bank transfer processes are currently available to purchasers on this site. PayPal has its own encryption for payments and arrangements for security.

Payment by instalments is available if needed for items priced at $500 or more. Click here for more information.

Prices may vary for short-term discount periods and will be changed without notice.


Your personal data is not stored on this site. Email address and first names are collected for subscription to the newsletter and these are stored offsite by ConvertKit. De-identified information is used to analyse responses to particular promotional campaigns created for the site.

Your personal information will not be sold or shared for sales or other promotional purposes. Cookies are used by philipparobert.com. This site is secured by WordFence Premium. For further information see our Privacy Policy.


Purchases of paintings on this website can be shipped within Australia.

Shipping of small paintings (dimensions equal to or less than 30cms) within Australia is free.

Art products will be shipped within Australia at no charge provided a minimum spend of $75 is made. For purchases of art products totalling less than $75, postage will be added, according to weight.


At philipparobert.com we strive for happy customers. If your goods are damaged in transit we will endeavour to replace them at no cost to you.

Returns – damaged ART PRODUCTS

Upon receipt of damaged art products ie books, cards or other printed matter, the customer must email art@philipparobert.com with a photograph of the damage (showing packaging and the affected items) and make arrangements to return the package.

When the package has been received back from the customer, a refund for the postage will be issued and replacement goods will be resent to the customer.

If the goods are not replaceable a total refund will be issued to the customer i.e. for the purchase price of the item(s) as well as the return postage which was paid by the customer.

Returns – damaged PAINTINGS

If damage occurs to a painting in transit, the customer must email art@philipparobert.com immediately with a photograph of the damage (packaging and the item) and make arrangements to return the painting.

Upon receipt of the painting, the seller will issue a refund for the purchase price of the painting plus the return postage.

Returns – customer not satisfied

If the customer is not satisfied with a painting, they must email art@philipparobert.com immediately and make arrangements to return the painting. No questions asked!

Upon receipt of the painting, the seller will issue a FULL REFUND for the purchase price of the painting. The cost of the return postage/courier is payable by the customer.


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