Payment terms

outdoor painting-seascapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Payment terms can help you to buy a high priced item (over $500).

1.  To enable a purchase of an item valued at $AUD500 or more to be made over a period of time, there are two options for payment:

  • OPTION 1:  The first payment will be a deposit of 25%. After one calendar month, the purchaser will make the first of three equal payments at one month intervals.
    The total purchasing process will take 3 calendar months from the payment of the first instalment (deposit). 25% (deposit) + 25% (after 1 month) + 25% (after another month) + 25% (after a further month). For example, a painting costing $600 would be paid for in 4 equal amounts of $150.
  • OPTION 2:  The first payment will be a deposit of at least 25%. The purchaser then undertakes to pay the balance within three calendar months. These amounts will be pre-arranged and declared by the purchaser to the artist. There is more flexibility in this option. For example a painting costing $600 could be paid for with payments of $200, $200, $100 and $100. Or another variation to bring the total to $600 within 3 calendar months.

2.  The prospective purchaser will need to contact the artist setting out their preferred payment terms, under either the first or second option. If there is agreement on these terms, the painting will be removed from sale on the website and held for the purchaser until final payment is made.

3.  For both Option 1 and Option 2, the painting will be packed and sent to the purchaser when final installment has been received and the item has been paid for in full.

payment terms-seascapes-wave paintings-Adelaides South Australia-Philippa Robert-Building Swell
Building swell 50x75cm; acrylic on canvas; $1125

4.  If there is a default in payment or the purchaser is unable to complete the terms, the painting will be replaced on the website for sale and payments made to that date will be refunded by the vendor (the artist) to the intended buyer less a fee of $75.


No extra fees will be charged for paying by installment except in the case of default as outlined in Paragraph 4 above.

For more information about Payment, visit Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions.