Greeting the day, near Railton Tasmania

Greeting the day-landscapes-Philippa_Robert_Adelaide South Australia
Greeting the day, near Railton Tasmania; acrylic on stretched canvas, 45x60cm; $810

Morning light

This work is all about morning light. The painting itself has great sentimental value to me, but it also has a quality which goes far beyond my connection to it through family. It has a softness which speaks of early morning. In this part of northern Tasmania, the mist fills the valley until the sun is well up in the sky, even in summer. Mornings are magical. And that is a powerful statement from me. I have missed so many 7.30s since retiring!

It can be yours!

“Greeting the day” is available right now for $810. For subscribers the price is $750. It is one of the largest of my landscapes at 45x60cm which is approximately 18×24″.

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