Art Tuition

There are many forms of art education. I trained as a secondary school art teacher and value that knowledge and experience in my present career as an independent art worker.

However, I choose a different way of teaching now that I hold the reins.


from studio to beach-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Transition to outdoors 2017
Transition to Outdoors class Feb-Mar 2017

I want to share all the shortcuts and gems (important things) I have learned over many years of painting, The last eight years have been my most concentrated working period. So some of my learning is fresh; other aspects are enduring and well-tested. There are always new things to learn and try. I hope you can join me for some sessions!

My classes are set up in short intensive bursts that are designed to provide a foundation and “push you onwards” into your own work with a new energy.

The arrangements allow for three tiers of classes.

The first is Compose your Painting  – 3 lessons of 3 hours each. Next class starting Spring 2017.  More details available in mid-August.

The second tier is Transition to Outdoors – 2 lessons: 1 is 90 mins studio-based and the other is 3 hours outdoors. Next class starting in Spring 2017. More details available in mid-August.

The third is Arty Afternoon Tea – These are fun for small groups, featuring an art technique and a delicious cake! Starting again in Spring 2017. More details available in mid-August.